This is an archive of stuff pulled from before it went down. Currently it's (almost) exactly as it existed on kelp, no better, no worse. An invaluable resource for new DataRover owners.

This page is provided to support Magic Cap 3.1 users. Here you can find games, hardware drivers for PC cards, and other maybe interesting stuff.

All packages available here are MIPs, US, Release, built 98.09.09. on Irix from controlled sources (unless otherwise noted). That means they run on the DataRover. These are made available as a courtesy, so use at your own risk.

Game Packages

Kind of interesting, and fun too!

Connectivity Packages

Options for wireline and wireless communications.

The Dvorak Keyboard

For those who recognize that ‘this is the way we’ve always done it’ isn’t always good enough. Get it here risk free!

Web Browser

Yes, the very package you are probably using this moment, plus the newest version which supportsd JavaScript.

Internet Relay Chat

For those of you who must have it, please use this version and none other. Built 98.05.13.


Stuff to do stuff.

  • MC 1.x data translator for bringing your namecards etc., forward to MC 3.1.

    The translation package is NOT supported. It is provided here, on request, by and for the few, the brave, the initiated who know enough to back up BEFORE they use something like this.

    At this time we make no representation about how well or what data types it will translate. But if you use it we would be interested to hear of how it did and did not work and for you, so we can make it work better.

    To use the translator package, insert a MC 1.x PC card with data on it, AFTER this package is installed.

PC Connectivity

Windows PC connectivity application (requires special cable).

ROM Image

These are ROM images which can be downloaded to a flash ROM DataRover 840. You will need the Software Developer’s Kit and a special serial cable to download them.

ROM Flasher Card Image

This image, when put on a 8MB linear flash card (not ATA) will re-flash a DataRover 840 that has flash ROM (sometimes called “840F”). You must use a tool like Memory Card Explorer to load this image on your card, then refer to this article for how to use it.