This page lists many of the Magic Cap devices which existed at some time or another, including both production machines and prototypes.

Sony HIX-300

Sony's first Magic Cap device, never released to market.

Sony PIC-1000

The first Magic Cap device to market, running Magic Cap 1.0

Motorola Envoy

Motorola's Magic Cap device with built-in radio modem.

Sony PIC-2000

Sony's second device, addressing many hardware flaws of the PIC1000, and running Magic Cap 1.5

Panasonic NeoNet

Panasonic's Japan-only device, used in field trials for NTT's Telescript service, called Paseo.

Sputnik Prototype

Our beloved PIC1000... but pink? And the beauty isn't skin deep: this is General Magic's second-generation hardware running within the Sony plastics.

Apollo Prototype

And you thought Sputnik's paint job was cool? Check out Apollo, the predecessor of the DataRover 840.

DataRover 840

The DataRover 840 was the first (and only) second-generation device to be marketed.

Zodiac Prototype

Zodiac was built as a proof-of-concept featuring a clamshell case and reduced screen size.

Gemini Prototype

Gemini was intended to be the other mass-produced DataRover, with clamshell design and hardware keyboard, but didn't quite make it.