DataRover 840F ROM Flashing Card

JET very kindly unearthed a treasure chest containing the One True ROM Image for DataRover 840s, a PC Card that will flash a 840's ROM to Magic Cap 3.1.2j. This card can be used to re-flash a 'rover with no additional hardware. (See also this article for reflashing a 'rover using the developer tools and serial cable.) You can download the ROM image from the archives page and load it to a 8MB linear flash card yourself, or if you need a pre-flashed card mailed to you, contact me.

Note: if you bought a DataRover on eBay that has pre-release Rosemary firmware (usually dated 9/1/1997), that won't work with the packages in the archive. It's best to update to 3.1.2j.

To use this card, follow these steps:

  • Start with a DataRover 840 powered off
  • Make sure it's plugged into the AC adapter
  • Insert the flasher card into the top PC card slot
  • Hold down the option key and turn on the 'rover.
  • The screen will show vertical lines. (Release the option key.)
  • Wait about 5 minutes. When the screen starts flashing black/white, it's done.
  • Remove power, take out the card, and power on.
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I didn't know the Datarover could use flash cards. what models are compatible?

DataRover's can't actually use flash cards in the normal sense -- only SRAM. For this ROM flasher card we took advantage of the fact that you can read from linear flash as if it was a contiguous chunk of memory. (Writing to it is another matter.) We needed to use linear flash because 8MB SRAM cards didn't exist at the time.

What Flash cards can the Datarover use to flash?

I coppied the .gz file onto an intel series 2+ and it was not able to flash the 'rover.

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