Magic Cap Resources

This is a collection of resources for the Magic Cap device owner. Magic Cap was the operating system used in several handheld computers including the Sony Magic Link, Motorola Envoy, and General Magic's own DataRover 840. Latest Updates: Motorola Envoy (May 23) DataRover 840F ROM Flashing Card (Apr 04) Magic Cap Developer Documentation (Jan 19) .

magic cap device gallery This is a gallery of many Magic Cap devices, including rare ones and prototypes. Not all devices are represented, but I bet you'll see several you've never heard of before -- each with some specs and history.

FAQs and HOWTOs Frequently asked questions and "how to" articles for Magic Cap device owners. If you've got questions, this is the place to look!

Rosemary Software Archive This is an archive of stuff pulled from before it went down. Currently it's (almost) exactly as it existed on kelp, no better, no worse. An invaluable resource for new DataRover owners.

Rosemary/DataRover package mailer A handy utility for mailing yourself packages from the Rosemary Software Archive (above). Enter an email address you use on the 'rover, select the package you want, then download it on the 'rover with the rest of your mail.

Other Stuff
Developer docs, for the hard-core geeks out there.
CujoChat, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for Magic Cap.
MagicHTTP, the first wireless, handheld web server.