Magic Cap Developer Documentation

These are documents from the Magic Cap SDK which may be of interest to the community, particularly those into software development and usability. Warning to developers digging for ideas: some topics discussed in these docs are covered by patents.

  • Using Magic Cap: User-level documentation for Magic Cap 3.1, i.e. what runs on the DataRover 840. Recommended to anyone who hasn't seen/used Magic Cap in person.

  • Design and Magic Cap: An older document covering the design and usability of Magic Cap, targeted at application designers. Highly recommended for anyone interested in design and usability topics. Magic Cap, while now dead, remains one of the most excellent user interfaces ever created, and this book teaches its how-and-why.

  • Package Development Guide: Essential reading for Magic Cap 3.1 developers. Covers a wide range of topics from the object runtime to cards and forms. Interesting reading for those designing developer frameworks.

  • Magic Cap 3.1 User Interface Specification: Developer-level document covering Magic Cap's UI to the n-th level of detail. It's nuts-n-bolts whereas Design and Magic Cap discusses concepts and theory.

  • Magic Internet Kit: Covers the Magic Internet Kit (written by yours truly).

  • SDK Roadmap: Overview of the Windows SDK.

  • SDK Tutorial: Tutorial for the Windows SDK.

  • Guide to Development Tools: Covers the Windows SDK tools.

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Do you know where I can get utilities for the datarover 840?

specifically Pocket Quicken?

Thank You,

Ralph, Pocket Quicken was never ported to Magic Cap 3.x. (Almost) all the available packages are posted here:

I am looking for the "DataRover 840 Getting Started Guide". Is this available for downoad anywhere?

I found a copy of the GSG and scanned it in. I will post it to the MagicCap 3.x download area on my website.

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