Thanks to Wayne Sanderson for writing this FAQ entry.

Question: I want to transfer text files from my desktop computer to the Notebook on my MagicCap Communicator. What’s the best way to do this? [Magic Cap 1.0/1.5]

Use Luke Derossi’s Text Chopper program. It is a DOS program that chops text files into 1k blocks. These can then be copied one at a time at 1k per transfer per Notebook page, which is the size the text import feature needs in order to successfully import more than one page. Download it in .zip format with docs at: [sorry, link is broken, anyone have this? -jdc].

There is a Macintosh HyperCard stack utility that does the same thing at: [this link broken -jdc]. (See magicards-10.hqx and magicards-10.hqx.desc.)