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My name is Josh Carter. I live near Boulder, Colorado with my lovely wife Daria, our beautiful daughter Genevieve, and nutty parrot Peanut. I'm a software engineer by trade, and a lot of other things on the side. multipart/mixed serves both to showcase my work (e.g. the Gallery) and to contribute useful articles to the Internet community (e.g. my Magic Cap section).

Most of the articles here cover topics I claim some expertise in. I have over eleven years of professional experience as a software engineer, my photography and graphics have been in print and shipped in commercial products, and I've studied the heck out of several other fields. On some topics (like my lawnmower articles) I'll say upfront that I'm no expert, but I'm sharing my first-hand discoveries. All articles are filed in categories on the sidebar to your right.

I hope you find the site useful. Bookmark it or subscribe to the RSS feed. Leave comments on the articles. If you have questions or other feedback, send me an email.