XML::GXML Perl Module

XML::GXML is a Perl module for transforming XML. It may be put to a variety of tasks; in scope it is similar to XSL, but less ambitious and easier to use (including a less verbose syntax). GXML is an outgrowth of gxml2html, my tool for converting web sites written in XML to HTML output.

These are some of GXML's features:

  • Template substitution for any given element.
  • Templates may be provided by user code or files on disk.
  • Any part of the XML, source or template, may contain variables which will be substituted according to well-defined rules.
  • Variable values may be: things embedded in an enclosing element's start tag, other elements in scope, sub-values of an in-scope element, or provided by user code.
  • Element tags can have variables in them.
  • Special commands allow conditionals and looping, e.g. "if exists," "if equals," and "foreach."
  • User can specify callbacks for start and/or end of given tags.
  • Element tags can be easily remapped to other things.
  • XML syntax can be easily translated into HTML syntax.


Complete documentation is included with the GXML distribution under the "docs" directory.

Download It

GXML and gxml2html are provided in a single archive. The usual procedure for installing Perl modules applies to GXML -- either use the CPAN module with the command install XML::GXML or download below.

Download GXML and gxml2html from CPAN


Installed GXML, but... how to use it (example) or why gxml2html is not listed on search.Cpan?

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