Power-User Email with the Sidekick

I bought a Sidekick 3 yesterday and quickly discovered that the device's email functions--is there any nice way to put this?--totally suck. While it supports POP and IMAP, these features don't work effectively.

I've figured out a good email workflow with the Sidekick, however, which integrates my existing email accounts and avoids the shortcomings of the Sidekick. Warning: this is for email über-geeks only. If you've never heard of procmail before, flee in terror now.

Twisted but Effective

For those of you still reading, here's my email setup: I have a couple email addresses that have been public for years, and thus get spammed often. I need to review email that passes spam filtering there, but it's not urgent; I call this my "public inbox." I have another email address where friends send stuff to; this is my "primary inbox."

Now, ideally, I'd just set up the Sidekick to use IMAP with my primary inbox. This doesn't cut it, for the following reasons:

  • Sidekick IMAP just downloads mail, it doesn't sync with IMAP in the way a real IMAP client does. This makes it next to useless (right alongside POP) for managing email across multiple clients.

  • Sidekick IMAP and POP appear to only check your accounts every couple hours; reports vary widely on this, some have seen delays up to eight hours. Clearly not acceptable. The account you get with the Sidekick, however, pushes mail to the device almost instantly.

Given these limitations, I devised the following twisted but surprisingly effective scheme:

procmail logic

The Sidekick is set up as follows:

  • Account #1: (the one provided with the Sidekick)
  • Account #2: IMAP+SSL to account:
    • "Collect email from this account:" off
    • "Copy outgoing messages:" BCC
  • "Primary account:"

Email going to my address gets filed in my primary inbox and copied to, which delivers to the Sidekick within seconds. I can read the email there and then delete it. I don't bother filing anything on the Sidekick--I just hit menu-x and it's gone.

If I reply to email on the Sidekick, I set the "from" address to my account. This setting remains the default for future messages. The BCC back to my primary account triggers the procmail rule to file under Sent Messages.

Here's the important part: people sending me email never see the address anywhere--they send to my primary account, I get it instantly, they get a reply from my primary account, and I have copies of both the original message and the response on the IMAP server. Furthermore, this solution is entirely push-driven; at no point is any server pounded with queries for new messages.

All filing from the inbox is done through a real IMAP client later, but this only takes a few seconds (see below).

Just Gimme The Procmail Recipes

Here are the important parts from my .procmailrc:

# BCC'd messages from HipTop go to sent mail.
* ^(From).*
."Sent Messages/"

# Not to my primary address? Goes in public inbox.
* !^(Cc|To).*
."Public Inbox/"

# Everything not processed yet goes into to the normal inbox.
# Plus, send copies of msgs under 100k to account.
:0 c
* < 100000

Other Email Management Tidbits

These tips aren't specific to the Sidekick, but while you're dinking with your mail system, they're worth considering:

Change your primary account yearly. No matter how private you keep your email address, somehow it's going to wind up on spam lists. I use the current year When the year rolls around, I set an auto-reply on the previous year asking people to update their address book, but I still let messages through to my inbox. A couple months later, I can disable delivery of mail for that address.

Don't bother with fancy filing. The effort required to categorize and file messages into separate folders isn't worth it. Once a message doesn't require further action, I file it in my "Read" folder. If I ever need it again, that's what search is for.

Set up hot keys for filing. I have two hotkeys that will instantly zap a message from my inbox to the correct folder: one to file under "Read," another to file under "Next Action." (Then, of course, there's the delete key for everything else.) Filing needs to take less than a second. I use Mail Act-On to do this within MacOS X Mail.

Other Thoughts on the Sidekick

While I'm disappointed in the Sidekick's built-in email, there are a lot of other things to like about the device. Instant messaging is amazingly good. It seems to make a decent phone. (Oddly, I've hardly used the phone. One day I may forget it's a phone at all.) The flip-screen action is wonderfully done and avoids most of the "key guard" hassle that plagues cell phones. And, speaking of keys, the keyboard is fantastic.

The Bluetooth support is poor. No device browsing over Bluetooth, no synchronization. The cheap BT phones you can get for free (with service contract) will do these things, but not the Sidekick.

But, most important, some of the guys who built the Sidekick are ex-General Magic, so I had to get one eventually. In many ways, the Sidekick is the product Magic was trying to build a decade earlier. I'm overjoyed with the Sidekick's success, and I look forward to discovering all the cool things I can do with it.

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Power-User Email with the Sidekick (Jul 17)


How do I set my sidekick to atomoatically forward all messages sent to to another email account?

Thanks in advance! :)

Bob, I can't find any way to do this automatically.

Hey Josh, I was wondering how would I be able to set this up from my gmail account so it can go to my tmail account? Thanks

Interesting, how much time it will take to spambots gathering emails from net - to start recognizing the common anti-spam patterns like YYYY@

For those who have Tmail and Gmail, I suggest giving everyone your Gmail account and have your emails automatically forwarded to your Tmail account. Then you will have junk filtered before it gets to your Tmail account. You will need to set up a Gmail account in your Tmail email account settings so that when you receive an email to your Tmail account from Gmail, you can reply to the message and it will look like it is coming from your Gmail account instead of Tmail.

Worked for me and I love it.

Excellent tip! Thanks for this. I just set it up with sieve (not a procmail fan). You can see the recipe below:

if address "return-path" "" {
addflag "\\Seen";
fileinto "Sent";

*insert whatever filing/anti-spam stuff in here*

if size :under 100K {
redirect "";


HI hav another sidekick ID and i would like to have the sidekick ID email sent to my sidekick 3. How do i program this is tmail POP or IMAP?

I'd check the web interface that you can access from "my tmobile" and see if there's a forwarding option there. If not, you might want to contact tmobile customer care.

Here's something I've done since the Sidekick I. I now have the Sidekick LX and it still works. I don't think it's in any of the the Sidekick manuals and I can't remember where I picked it up.

I have a couple of gmail accounts which I have gmail forward to my tmail account and set up my sidekick to send from those accounts as previously described in this discussion for all the same reasons.

For those of you who DO like fancy filing here's a trick I use:

For example, I have one gmail account that I give out to friends and one I give out for business.

I add two folders for the forwarded email coming from the gmail accounts on my sidekick:



When I have the gmail accounts forward the email to my sidekick; I tell the respective gmail accounts to forward to my tmail account as follows:


When the email comes into my sidekick they will automatically be placed in the appropriate folders.

The Sidekick LX has now had an OTA adding tabs for each external email account. I now will be tinkering to see if I can get forwarded email to go to a tabbed folder just to see if it can be done. At anyrate, I'm happy not using the tabs and doing my email as I've described.


This is some very cool stuff. Not quite sure how I found your page, but I was looking for some info on procmail for my server and stumbled across it. I (still) have a Sidekick II and prior to it, I had the CSK, which I've been using as my primary access to my IMAP server for more than 5 years now (can't beat a QWERTY keyboard on a handheld).

As you've already said, the Sidekick's mail app isn't the greatest, so I've been looking for an alternative handheld solution for quite some time now. Your tips here, plus the previous one in the comments have breathed new life into my SK and how it handles mail. After just a couple hours of tinkering, I now have a fully integrated Sent folder, server-side filtering for a couple mail lists that I subscribe to, and push delivery thru my tmail account (Inbox, as well as folders for the mail lists).

This is amazing beyond words. Many thanks!


is there any way i can change my email (tmail) to my hotmail? i dont think i even have a tmail or gmail account. it would be easier for me to check my emails like that. please let me know!

Hi Josh i'd like to know if you have figured out the way to forward Gmail directly into a tab, insteand of a folder ?

Thx for all your info

I forwarded my emails to my computer, Hyperlinks are lost in the Forwarded email after receiving it on the computer. the Hyper links became just the text.
anyidea ?

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