Geek Radio Lives Again

Way back before podcasting existed, or the iPod existed for that matter, there was Geek Radio. Mark "The Red" Harlan and I created Geek Radio to interview interesting people and write about interesting stuff. Interesting to us, anyway. We got through a momentous two issues before stalling out.

Today I restored the site from backups and converted the old audio to MP3. Version 1.0 featured an interview with Scott Knaster of Macintosh fame. Version 2.0 featured an interview with Special Agent Von Holt of the US Secret Service. I recalled these being good, but on listening to them again for the first time in years, they're really damn good.

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i just listened to the von holt stuff. it's great. really great.

forget Re:D, we should just resurrect ((GR)) and find some angel to pay for it.

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