Dude, Where You Been?

I owe an apology to regular multipart/mixed readers (Hi Joel) for the long delay in posting. My daughter Genevieve was born last June, plus I've got a new job. As for being a dad, let me just ask: when can I get a full night's sleep again? Despite my grogginess, Genevieve is an awesome kiddo and I love being a dad.

More important to the geek readership is my job: I'm now working at Danger, Inc., makers of the T-Mobile Sidekick. For those of you who followed General Magic, the Sidekick is truly the realization of the vision behind Magic. It's the mobile communicator that becomes your information hub—phone, email, web, SMS, it's all there. Back in the General Magic days, when you heard Bill and Andy talking about their grand vision, the Sidekick is exactly what they were talking about. Fitting, isn't it, that one of Danger's founders was a guy I worked with at Magic.

But despite all that, I've got articles to post here, and I'm going to get on them. Really, I promise.

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I just tend to leave a lot of comments.

Hey, congrats!

Being a dad sucks. I'm still long long long before being a dad, cause' I even don't have a girlfriend yet!


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