Coco (Yerba) Mate + Horchata = YUM

Just a quick tip for the caffeine fiends out there: my favorite morning drink these days is a combo of Yerba Maté (South American tea) and Horchata (milk with cinnamon). The best Maté I've found out there, by far, is Coco Maté made by Café Maté. You can buy it in bags or as loose tea. Then I get Rice Dream Horchata, heat it up in the microwave, and mix it 50/50 with the Maté. The combo is stellar: it's like the best parts of a latte, tea, and Turkish coffee all in one.

Also, if you're into loose teas, my favorite accessory is this French Press mug. I use it for both tea and Maté. It's more convenient than tea bags because once you're done steeping, just push the plunger down — you don't need to worry about finding a trash can for the tea bag. Plus you can mix teas if you like, e.g. I'll often mix a green tea with an herbal spice tea.

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