Coca-Cola Blak


"Carbonated fusion beverage," so they say. Nowhere on the packaging does it say what components they fused, however.

Turns out it's Coke and coffee. I'm a devout fan of both, but the combo is kind of disgusting. At least it comes in a real glass bottle, which is how Coke should always be distributed.

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My company cafeteria had sample of this beverage last week. Being a devout Pepsi drinker and enjoying coffee only after a fancy dinner out, I figured I had nothing to lose by sampling it.... and it was surprisingly tasty! Not something I would ever order in place of Pepsi or coffee after dinner, but it would be good as an occasional afternoon pick-up, I think.

I thought it was good at first, then it made my stomach go haywire, and now it doesn't taste very good at all...

I tried it and thought it was great. I didn't know it was Coke and Coffee at first, I just grabbed it because it looked interesting. Although, maybe in Ontario the packaging is different, but my bottles all said something like Coke Effevenscence with Coffee Essence.

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