Genevieve's First Ballet Recital


My daughter Genevieve performing in her first ballet recital. Photo toned to black-and-white using Alien Skin Exposure.

Millie Berger


Portrait of my grandmother. I don't consider myself a portrait artist but I do get lucky once in a while. On-site lighting was two flashes bounced off the ceiling. Photo toned to black-and-white using Exposure 2 and vignetted with Bokeh.

Tony C. Johnson

Tony Johnson Photo

Tony is a Christian missionary working in Baltimore, MD with the homeless community. Formerly a modern dance instructor, Tony continues to teach spiritual movement classes to the people he ministers to.

Michael Trimpol, Glass Blower

Michael Trimpol photo

Michael Trimpol of Little River Hot Glass Studio making a vase to order. Photos were later featured in the children's book "Made By Hand."

Mark "The Red" Harlan

Mark Harlan Photo

Mark Harlan and I drove from California to Colorado in an unprecedented three and a half days, leaving plenty of time to stop and smell the roses. December not being the time for roses, however, left us to smell the sand dunes instead.

Electric Violin

Violin Guy Photo

As I'm walking down the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, I hear this mysterious sound, obviously a musical instrument, but unlike anything I've ever heard before. Sort of a string, or wind, or vocal -- or what? I make a beeline for it, to discover this guy playing an electric violin through an effects box. I regret not having my MiniDisc recorder to capture the otherworldly sound of his music, but at least I have my camera to capture his image.