User Interface Icons

Icons screenshot

Some of the many icons I created for the Spectra Logic T-series user interface. These are ones for more abstract concepts like network setup and hardware diagnostics. (Copyright notice overlayed to discourage image theft.)

Spectra T120 User Interface


This is the overview screen in the Spectra T120 user interface, displayed both on the unit's color touchscreen and remotely via a web browser. As the user rolls over the called-out tape library components, the image turns into an "x-ray" style translucent library with the highlighted component standing out. I modeled and rendered the library and all toolbar icons in Cinema 4D.

Screenshot 2

Acroname Posters

Acroname Posters

Set of two 13"x19" posters for display at robotics expos. Acroname supplies robots, robotics components, and other tools for research robotics.