Way-Cool Drumming With Reason's NN-XT

This article gets into the super-hot NN-XT sampler. I cover lots of useful things drummers will want to do with the NN-XT, with an emphasis on getting acoustic-like sound and responsiveness from your drums.

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Basic Drumming With Reason's NN-19

Reason is hot. No synth guy or techno composer should be without it. But what about using Reason for drums? Actually, it's a perfect companion. In the first article I cover basic drum and Reason setup, and using the NN-19 sampler.

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Synthesis, Sampling, and Plain Old Acoustic

I've been doing a lot of pondering lately on my future with electronic music, spurred by considering Reaktor as a new software instrument (and instrument building tool) of choice. Reaktor is very cool in many ways. I most appreciate its completely open-ended flexibility, letting you build instruments from the ground up in whatever way you want. My frustration with Reason, by comparison, has been that it's flexible in some ways but not others, because the developers foresaw some uses for the instruments, but not all. This becomes especially apparent when playing from MIDI drum controllers.

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