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This entry would have been best towards the end of December, but perhaps better late than never. Many Christians try to read a "One Year Bible," basically the same as a normal Bible, but broken into day-by-day chunks. Most don't get very far.

I have a suggestion: the One Year Chronological Bible. The content is the same as your normal Bible, but it's organized in chronological order (as far as scholars can tell). For example, as you read Acts, you read Paul's letters interspersed within. Or as Kings and Chronicles overlap, you read the matching passages of each back to back. This is definitely the way to read the Bible straight through. The Old Testament, in particular, is much easier to follow in this format.

I've read the New Living Translation of the Bible in this format twice, and it was an incredible experience. To complete the Bible, cover-to-cover, is something you need to do. It's one thing to study passages, but you get a different perspective when you see the whole picture from creation to the end.

You can get this format of the Bible in several translations, at least NLT, KJV, and NIV. I prefer the New Living Translation for daily reading. I wouldn't memorize passages in this format, or use it for exegetical study, but I'm really impressed with it for general use.

This year I'm starting on Matthew Henry's commentary, which will be a multi-multi-year project if I can stick with it. I've used his commentary before when studying specific passages, and always found it most enlightening. Henry is a man clearly gifted for study, and deeply reverent of the Lord and His Word.

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There was a chronologically arranged bible, entitled, "The Bible In Order". It was certainly in circulation in the UK, mid '80s. The "in order", however, refers to the biblical books being place in the order in which they are thought to have been written. I'm not sure if that's what you meant.

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