PragProWriMo: My Book

The guys at Pragmatic Bookshelf are issuing a challenge: write the first draft of a tech book in a month. I'm taking them up on it. Every weekday in November I'll be posting a couple pages worth of my book, tentatively (and badly) titled What Your Comp Sci Degree Didn't Teach You About Professional Programming. My target is young and aspiring programmers who are still in school or recently graduated, trying to figure out what the "real world" of programming is like, and what they're missing.

Keep in mind every post here is a first draft. I will leave comments open, and I always read them, but I won't have a chance to respond to every one. I do, however, appreciate your feedback.

With any luck I'll convince the PragGuys to publish this—after many revisions—as a "real" book. But let's start with the November challenge and go from there.


Reader +1 :D

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