Essential Industry Skills

Allow me to consult the vast oracle of the interwebs on a perplexing problem. (That would be you.) I’ve got a lot of thoughts about on-the-job technical skills needed by industry programmers, each worthy of its own book. I have one chapter in the book I’m working on.

Here’s what I want to accomplish:

  • Give the newbie programmer a picture of programming topics that seem to come up again and again. I don’t intend to teach the topics, but give a brief discussion of what they are, why they keep coming up, and some good approaches to start on. (See examples below.)

  • Choose a reasonable subset of topics that apply across a broad cross-section of industry (80/20 rule).

  • Refer the reader to other resources to find out more.

This chapter is specifically focused on programming chops, not tools or bigger-picture practices. (I’ve got other material about that.) Let me give a few examples to clarify.

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