Introduction: Who Should Read This Book

So that’s where I’m coming from. Let’s talk about where you’re coming from. I expect fans of this book to fall into a couple broad categories:

  • College students taking Computer Science classes and wondering, “is this what programming is like in the real world?” (Short answer: no.)

  • College grads already in industry, who have noticed first-hand that the answer to the first question is “no,” trying to get their heads around the disparity.

  • People, young or not, who are considering a job in programming but want the skinny on what the books and classes aren’t telling them.

You’ll notice this isn’t a “…for Dummies” book. I assume you’re smart. You probably know a programming language or two. But until you’ve been in industry for a few years “you don’t know what you don’t know” about doing programming as a profession. That’s where this book comes in.